4 Post-Thanksgiving Recovery Tips

easy weight loss programsYou made it through Thanksgiving—and we’re hoping you did well. Whether you’re following one of our easy weight loss programs or another diet, if you went overboard a little, don’t worry—you can still get back on track and undo some of the damage that most Americans do over this feast of a holiday. Follow our four steps for recovering from Turkey Day.

Pile on the Protein. Chances are you indulged in some carbs at your Thanksgiving Day feast. If this is the case, get back on track immediately with a low carb, high protein diet. Have a healthy breakfast that includes eggs, a fiber-rich salad with lean poultry or fish at lunch, and a healthy dinner with lean protein as well.

Properly hydrate. Drink adequate amounts of water to help flush the toxins from your system and promote healthy digestion. Also consume some green tea, which has been shown to rev your metabolism, as well as ginger or peppermint tea, both of which can settle an upset stomach. Add some lemon to your water to boost your metabolism and help decrease bloating.

Start moving. Get right back in the gym, to your exercise class or go for a run—it’s important to return to your normal workout regimen as soon as possible. If you’re up for it, increase your duration and intensity a bit or even go for a walk later in the day to supplement your more aggressive workout. It’s important to stay committed to your exercise schedule so that you don’t fall off for the rest of the holiday season. 

Stay away from the enemy. It’s essential to resist processed and hard-to-digest foods right now so you can recover from the holiday and get back on track with your weight loss goals. Stay away from refined sugars, simple carbs, acidic foods, soda and even dairy products if you typically have trouble digesting them.

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