Holiday Weight Loss

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“Dr. Kim,

What do you tell patients who have a tough time dieting during the holidays? I have a hard enough time resisting temptations on an everyday basis. When the holidays roll around, I'm a goner! It’s as if my whole weight loss program goes out the window."

- Shirley J.

Dear Shirley,

You are certainly not alone. Every year we have a large influx of new patients shortly after New Years. Very few people are able to resist the temptations of the holidays. In fact, 85% of those trying to diet and lose weight acknowledge that they lose ground during the holidays.

However, this time of year doesn't have to be so tough on your weight loss efforts. You can still eat healthy and enjoy the holidays. We recently ran a contest to see who had the best suggestion on how to beat the weight gain. Here are a few of those suggestions—our winning suggestion comes at the end.

1. Eat small amounts throughout the day. For Christmas and Thanksgiving, most families skip lunch and go for the traditional holiday meal as an early dinner. However, when you skip lunch, you can build up a voracious appetite. On top of that, the tempting sights and smells can sometimes be unbearable. What results is overeating on top of overeating. Have a light lunch before your big meal to keep hunger at bay.

2. Talk throughout your meal. Holiday meals are a great time to catch up with friends and family. Make the most of it by talking between bite. This will slow down your eating and will help you feel full before your plate is empty.

3. Drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps you eat less in two different ways. The first is that it slows down your eating. If you drink water regularly while you are eating, you can reduce your caloric intake by as much as 30%. Furthermore, studies have shown that drinking water with a snack before your meal will help you feel satisfied quicker. Lastly, holiday food tends to be a little over-seasoned, so drinking water is important.

4. Challenge everyone to eat healthier this year with a fun system for weight loss support. This last suggestion comes from one of our very own clients, Janet Fielder, who won our “Help for the Holidays” contest. She suggested that you challenge everyone coming to your house for a holiday meal to bring a healthy side dish that they prepare. At the end of the meal, everyone shares their recipe, including the nutritional information. Then you can all vote on which dish was the best tasting and healthiest. This is a fun way to share healthy recipes with friends and family. Everyone will appreciate this since there’s not one person that doesn’t think about watching their weight during the holidays.

What’s great about working with a medical weight loss center is that not only do you have access to diet plans, a FDA approved weight loss program, safe appetite suppressants and a medical weight loss clinic, you have a place to ask questions, get tips (such as holiday weight loss tips) and discover creative weight management programs that allow you to get long-lasting results. It’s the best way to truly change your lifestyle and create a healthier you.

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Created on: 3/8/2019 3:56 PM
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