3 Low Carb Fall Comfort Foods

It’s cooling down—even here in Southern California. This means many of us may start to crave comfort food to warm us up and keep us full. Yet this can be a disaster if you’re working hard to lose weight with medical diet pills, a low carb meal plan and a good workout schedule. Typical comfort foods tend to be loaded with carbs and aren’t as nutrition-rich as healthier items we like to see members of our weight loss clinics incorporate into their diet.

Here are a few alternatives you can swap out with typical comfort foods that will enhance your weight loss efforts and help you stay on track with your goals.  

1. Soup. We’re always recommending soup recipes because they are an excellent choice when you’re trying to lose weight. Much research shows that eating a cup or bowl of soup makes you eat less at a meal overall. If you choose heartier soups, they can serve as a filling and nutritious entrée instead of an appetizer, and will warm you up when the weather gets cold. While you want to avoid noodles and other carb-laden items, load your soup with veggies, black beans and lean protein such as turkey, chicken or grass-fed beef.

2. Stuffed Veggies. Stuffed vegetables are an excellent way to load up on fiber, protein and other tasty nutrients. An all-time favorite among members our weight loss clinic are stuffed bell peppers, but you can also successfully stuff mushrooms and zucchini for something unique and different. Season creatively and stuff with lean protein such as ground turkey or chicken, as well as other veggies. Think outside the box and add new and different veggies into your stuffing mix, such as protein-rich chickpeas, cauliflower, spinach, eggplant, celery and asparagus.

3. Low Carb Chili. Chili isn’t just good for watching the game, it’s an excellent way to warm up without loading up on carbs. Make it with lean ground turkey or go completely vegetarian, using beans to bring the bulk. Add all of your favorite veggies and spices for best results.

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