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“Dr. Kim,

I’ve worked with several easy weight loss programs in the past, but every year during the holidays, I gain weight! How can I enjoy my holidays and not completely deprive myself without completely derailing my quick weight loss plan?"

- Regina D., Aliso Viejo

Dear Regina:

The holidays definitely bring along a lot of temptation and opportunities to indulge. Yet there’s nothing worse than visiting one of our weight loss clinics after the New Year, only to discover that you’ve gained a few pounds back. With a little bit of strategy, you can stay on track with easy weight loss programs and still enjoy your holidays.

First of all, even with your busy holiday schedule, keep moving throughout the holidays. Schedule workouts into your calendar and be active as much as you can.

When you have a party or event to attend, don’t go on an empty stomach. Eat healthy, light snacks before you go out—a cup of soup or Greek yogurt with fruit beforehand is a great way to prevent yourself from grazing all night. You can also try one of our weight loss products as a snack. If the meal is served buffet style, take smaller plates—it won’t be as appealing to keep filling the plate up and the time in between will give your stomach a chance to signal your brain that it’s full. Make sure to hit the veggie tray first and load up on green, colorful goods and fruit.

Don’t deny yourself your favorites. The more you hold back from your favorite holiday treat, the more likely you are to continue thinking about it and ultimately binge. The key is to be selective and make each indulgence count. Don’t just eat cookies because they’re cookies—make sure to save the indulgence for what you really enjoy and savor each bite.

Also make sure to keep hydrated, especially if you’re drinking. Filling up with water not only boosts your metabolism, it makes you eat less and helps lessen a hangover. Have a glass before you leave your house, and if you’re drinking all night, have a glass of water between each drink. If you’re on a quick weight loss plan or working with one of our medical weight loss centers, make sure to ask your physician if it’s safe to consume alcohol.

If you are having issues with weight gain and obesity, visit one of our quick weight loss centers. Working with a medical weight loss center gives you access to quick weight loss programs, weight loss products and FDA approved medical weight loss pills under the guided supervision of an experienced doctor. Visit one of our Pasadena or Orange County medical weight loss clinics to get support and info about our easy weight loss programs.

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Created on: 8/11/2018 2:32 AM
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