3 Tips for Holiday Survival

It’s that wonderful time of year—but if you’ve been striving to lose weight, it can be one of the most challenging periods as well. The average American gains between five and 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and the New Year, which can be a very daunting setback to dieters. If you’ve been working hard with a doctor, using medical diet pills and exercising to reach your weight loss goals, the strategies below will help you stay on track with your diet without having to give up any holiday fun.

  1. Track it. In the beginning of a diet, many of us keep a food diary to show us where we’re going wrong and to help us stay committed to our weight loss goals. Now is the perfect time to restart this habit, as it will help you stay on track and compensate when you do indulge just a little. In addition, hit the scale every day and adjust your eating and workout habits when necessary.

  2. Keep healthy snacks on hand. Stash a bevy of healthy snacks within reach so that you don’t indulge at random times. Bring fruit and Greek yogurt to the office so you’re not tempted to give in to the holiday treats popping up everywhere. Fill a bag with cashews, almonds and walnuts and keep them in your purse for when you’re on the go. Have protein bars and a jar of something healthy at your desk, both at home and at the office, so that you can nip those hunger pangs in the bud as soon as they strike.

  3. Don’t hit the mall on an empty stomach. Since you’re going to be shopping more than usual, make sure to have a fiber- and protein-rich snack or meal before hitting the mall so you don’t give in to any of the evil kiosks across from your shopping destination. If you do have to grab something to eat at the mall, stay away from the food court and all of its fast food options. If possible, hit a juice stand and get a low-cal smoothie or sit down at a proper restaurant and savor a healthy meal.

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