Top 5 Healthy Habits

top 5 healthy habits for weightloss

When you’re striving for success with easy weight loss programs, it’s important to realize that long-term results aren’t about a quick fix. To sustain weight loss, it’s essential to make long lasting changes to your lifestyle that include a healthier diet and increased physical activity.

When considering the changes you want to make and the healthy habits that you want to adopt, opt for those that you can actually live with. Start incrementally, making one or two changes at a time, so that you aren’t overwhelmed by too many at once. The worst way to work with easy weight loss programs is to make some short-term changes that end as soon as you reach your goal, and then revert back to your old ways. Ultimately, this can lead to gaining the weight back—or worse, gaining even more weight.

Consult with a physician at one of our centers for medical weight loss to help determine which changes will be most realistic for you. Below are some easy to implement habits that many of our members adopt as part of their new, healthier lifestyle.

  1. Strive to have some lean protein with each meal, as it tends to be more satisfying than carbs or fats. Increasing lean protein intake keeps you fuller longer, so you snack less, and helps to build lean muscle mass, which torches more calories. Research conducted by the University of Sydney showed that people who increased lean protein consumption ate 10 to 15 percent less calories—lean poultry, fish, quinoa and beans are all ideal sources for easy weight loss programs.
  2. Always have fiber-rich vegetables on hand for snacks and side dishes. Slice cucumbers and bell peppers to dip in hummus, or saute some spinach or mixed vegetables in olive oil with garlic. Celery sticks with a spoonful of almond butter are tasty and filling, and edamame (soy beans) is also a great snack.
  3. Forget about fattening comfort food and reach for soup instead—it’s just as comforting and fills you up. Try making a vegetable or bean soup with low-salt broth and store the leftovers for later.
  4. Get automated. Plan your meals in advance and bring a shopping list to the grocery store with you. You’ll be less likely to reach for the vending machines or make unhealthy last minute choices such as fast food.
  5. Eliminate all junk food and empty calories. Don’t even have fattening junk food or sugary baked goods in the house. If you want to avoid temptation, your best bet is to clean out the pantry and the refrigerator and re-stock it with healthy food and snack—the kind that our centers for medical weight loss would recommend.


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