6 Thanksgiving Survival Tips

For dieters and members of our weight loss clinics, the holiday season can cause anxiety. When you’re striving to lose weight, the temptation of holiday meals and soirees can be a bit daunting. Good news—we’ve got tips and tricks to help you navigate Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season without derailing your progress. If you stick to your healthy habits for the majority of the season, you’ll be able to indulge here and there so that you don’t feel deprived.

1. Limit your splurges.

One of the biggest mistakes Americans make is turning Thanksgiving dinner into a four-day occasion to splurge. Indulge on Thanksgiving day—with moderation, of course—but give away the fattening leftovers and resume your normal diet on Friday.

2. Go from low to high.

Start off your meal with a healthy salad or bowl of soup, then start in on lean protein such as slices of turkey (skinless white meat, of course). By doing this, you’ll fill up faster and be less inclined to overload on fattening sides and desserts.

3. Just say no.

We all have those friends and loves ones who push us to eat more or keep offering fattening items. Be strong—politely decline. Explain that you’re full, and if they’re really pushing, ask to take some home with you for the next day.

4. Don’t eat something unless you really like it.

People often consume certain foods simply because they’re “holiday” items. Only indulge if it’s something you really enjoy. If pumpkin pie is not really your thing, skip dessert. If mashed potatoes are not a favorite, don’t load up on all those calories and carbs. Just because something is only served during the holidays, it doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

5. Snack wisely while traveling.

Heading out of town for Thanksgiving? Pack your own snacks for that road or airplane trip. Have a small serving of nuts, a protein bar or fruit to satisfy your hunger until you hit your destination.

6. Don’t skip meals.

Often times, people skip breakfast and/or lunch on Thanksgiving Day so they can eat more at dinner. When you hit dinner after barely eating all day, you will probably overeat. You will also consume more calories than you would if you didn’t start on an empty stomach. Instead, eat small meals and snacks packed with fiber and lean protein to satiate your appetite.

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