5 Ways to Keep Thanksgiving Weight Gain at Bay

Thanksgiving is here—and while it’s exciting for some, for others it’s a source of anxiety. When you exercise religiously and use medial diet pills to lose weight, you don’t want to derail your efforts in one day. It’s not just about what you eat that day, it’s making sure a binge doesn’t set the tone for the rest of the holiday season.

Even when you overhaul your lifestyle, eat healthy and exercise regularly, it can all fly out the window once the turkey comes out of the oven. Try these tips to keep holiday weight gain at bay.

1. BYOD.

If you’re not hosting Thanksgiving dinner, bring one healthy, low-calorie dish such as a salad, soup, mashed cauliflower or another healthy alternative. This way you’ll know there is one thing you can eat that will help fill you up and keep the rest of the meal on track.

2. Limit the libations.

Alcohol can be your worst enemy if you’re following one of our easy weight loss programs. It adds empty calories to your total count and lowers inhibitions. If you’re buzzed, you may continue to eat when you’re not even hungry or just eat more than you normally would. Opt for low calorie libations and drink a glass of water in between each.

3. Schedule a workout.

It’s important to keep it moving during the holidays, especially before a big meal like Thanksgiving. Schedule a workout in the morning and make it happen. Try to incorporate physical activity throughout the day if possible. Take a walk with a loved one or join in any family sports taking place.

4. Slow down.

Eat slowly to give your stomach time to let your brain know that it’s full. It takes 20 minutes for that to happen, so try to let that much time pass before you even consider seconds. Chew slowly, eat mindfully and focus on conversation with your loved ones. 

5. Avoid the heavy trimmings.

Stay away from gravy and creamy sauces, which are often loaded with fat, calories, carbs and sodium. You already have enough to indulge in, why blow your calorie count with some overrated condiments?

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