5 Holiday Survival Tips

The final stretch of the year is here—and it’s filled with parties, festivities and big meals that make it hard not to splurge. The holidays can be disastrous if you’ve been working hard and using medical diet pills to achieve our weight loss goals. The good news is, we’ve got some great tips to help you navigate the season without gaining weight. With some planning and willpower, you can still enjoy yourself even when you’re saving calories.

1. Hydrate like crazy.

Drink lots of water and tea to help fill you up and flush the toxins from your system. Often times, we mistake hunger for thirst, so whenever you feel what you think are hunger pangs, have a glass of water. Drink it with every meal, carry bottles with you throughout the day and alternate a glass with each alcoholic drink.

2. Don’t skip meals.

Unless you are intermittent fasting, don’t skip meals the day of a party or holiday meal. Eat a fiber- and lean protein-rich breakfast, lunch and snack to keep your digestive system busy throughout the day. This way, you won’t show up somewhere starving, which is the perfect recipe for a binge. People assume skipping is a goodway to save calories, but it backfires nine times out of 10.

3. Snack right before you arrive.

Building upon number 2—have a high-fiber snack right before you hit a big spread. Fiber slows down fat absorption and expands in your stomach so you feel fuller longer. Try an apple, handful of berries or high-fiber snack bar.

4. Be picky.

If you’re facing a spread like no other, don’t just go for it. Assess the entire table and see what there is to offer. Opt for your favorite splurges only, rather than just any holiday treat. Allocate about a quarter or third of your plate at the most for treats and fill the rest with salad, veggies, protein and other healthy choices.

5. Make exercise a priority.

One of the biggest mistakes people make this time of year is to skip workouts altogether. Instead, make exercise a priority. Working out will help burn the extra calories you consume and reduce the stress that accompanies the holidays. Get up early if you have to—you won’t regret it.  

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