7 Christmas Diet Tips

Many members of our weight loss centers asked us for more tips to help them get through the holidays without gaining weight. When you work hard all year to lose weight, the temptation of the holidays can quickly derail your efforts. However, if you arm yourself with some solid strategies, you can enjoy the season without packing on the pounds. Last week’s blog post gave you some excellent survival tips and this week, we’re sharing more to help you stay on track through the New Year.

1. Make smart swaps.

If you’re cooking a big holiday meal or bringing a dish to someone else’s event, substitute healthier ingredients wherever you can. For example, honey is an excellent alternative to sugar. Mashed cauliflower tastes just as delicious as potatoes but is less fattening overall.

2. Keep your portions in check.

Don’t deprive yourself of your holiday favorites, just take smaller portions.

3. Don’t hit the stores when you’re hungry.

Make sure to eat something healthy before you go shopping so that you don’t grab any unhealthy snacks along the way. Save those indulgences for actual events; not the churro kiosk in the middle of the mall.

4. Easy on the drinks. 

Holiday drinks can be filled with calories. Limit your intake of alcohol and fattening eggnog. If you must have some eggnog, drink the low fat version if possible. If you plan to have alcoholic drinks, opt for those made with soda water rather than sugar-laden juices or fattening mixers.

5. Move it.

We know we are repeating ourselves here, but physical activity is key, especially this time of year. Definitely squeeze in some extra workouts or activity when you know you may consume more calories than usual.

6. Free your home of unhealthy snacks. 

If you know you’ll be indulging throughout the rest of the holiday festivities, remove all temptation from your home. Replace sweets with fruit and other protein- or fiber-rich snacks. This way, you can feel less guilt about indulging at parties and holiday meals.

7. Don't starve yourself after indulging. 

Sometimes people feel guilty and skip meals the day after they indulge. This causes your body to go into starvation mode and store fat and extra calories for even longer, which only makes things worse. Have a healthy protein-packed breakfast the next morning and healthy meals throughout the day.

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