Low carb living doesn’t mean giving up dessert

two layer finger jello low carb dessertMembers of our medical weight loss clinic often send us the recipes that help them lose weight and transition to a low carb, healthy lifestyle. Their suggestions are fantastic and very effective for weight loss programs—plus, they taste great!

Often times, people think that when they try to lose weight and incorporate a low carb diet, that means they have to give up dessert completely. Not true! You can easily find ways to fuse healthy meals with great taste—and dessert is no different. A perfect example is the recipe below for Two Layer, Creamy Finger Jello.

If you have any low carb dessert recipes that work well for you and you would like to share them, please email them to us! We love when our members share their best recipes and helpful hints.

Two Layer, Creamy Finger Jello 


1 Large box of Jello, any flavor
1 Envelope of Knox Gelatine
2 Cups boiling water
1/2 cup heavy cream 


Combine Jello and gelatine in a bowl and dissolve in boiling water.  Add heavy cream and stir until well mixed.  Pour into a 6" x 6" (approximately) pan or Tupperware container and refrigerate until set, usually overnight.

The Jello will separate into two layers automatically as it sets.  

Makes eight servings.

Nutritional Information for one serving:
< 1 gm Carbohydrates
0 gm Fiber
< 1 gm Protein 
6 gm Fat
53 Calories   

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