Healthy Dishes for Memorial Day

Memorial Day menus are synonymous with hot dogs, burger and chips—the kind of fare that has no place on a low carb diet. The good news is, dieting doesn’t mean you have to pass on invites or skip any holiday fun. If you plan ahead and practice moderation, you can enjoy your weekend without guilt. One of the best ways to do this is to bring a healthy dish to the BBQ or serve a few healthy sides if you’re hosting. It’s like having insurance—you know there will be at least one item that will help balance your meal.

Here are a few excellent options that will help you stay on track.


It may be an obvious choice, but a salad is a great bet. Serve up some leafy greens like baby spinach or kale with some colorful produce for an antioxidant treat. You can be creative and make something summery and refreshing like a tomato watermelon, kale orange or avocado fruit salad. Either way, you’re providing a fiber-rich dish that helps curb overeating while providing essential nutrients.

Veggie Tray     

Another go-to is a basic vegetable tray. Make your own to ensure freshness and quality. If you opt for a store bought tray, swap out the fattening ranch or other dip with a healthier, low-fat version. Salsa and hummus make an excellent alternative.

Protein Style

Lean protein is a no-brainer that can save the day at a typical Memorial Day barbecue. You can serve or bring some marinated chicken breasts to provide a filling dish that is loaded with complete protein. A complete protein contains all nine of the essential amino acids our bodies need. You can also make lean hamburgers, turkey burger and veggies burger and serve them protein-style to the daring! At the very least, eat your own open face to cut down on the carbs.

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