Midday Snacks and Weight Loss

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“Dr. Kim,

Every day around midday and again at 4 pm, I really need a snack. Is hitting up the vending machine for a small snack really going to affect my diet?"

- Jen B., Aliso Viejo, California

Dear Jen:

Snacks are actually a fundamental part of our diets. Many people eat five meals a day to keep their metabolism revved, so it helps to think of your snack as a mini-meal. The problem is, many people equate snacks to treats, reaching for chips or a candy bar to get them through the 4 pm slump.

One of the integral components of safe yet quick weight loss programs is to realize that a snack can satisfy your craving, while still providing nutrients and fuel for your body. This simple mindset shift can result in weight loss.
Avoid sugary snacks like candy and empty calorie choices like chips and dip—all they do is provide a sugar or carb rush. Instead reach for vegetables and hummus, or fruit and a handful of some antioxidant packed nuts like raw walnuts, almonds or cashews. It’s good to do some food combining to hit more than one food group. If your cravings are out of control, medical weight loss pills can help eliminate cravings for the wrong type of food (*make sure your medical weight loss program uses only FDA approved weight loss pills).

Other good choices include Greek yogurt, an apple with peanut butter or low-fat cottage cheese. Our Pasadena or Orange County medical weight loss clinics sell some amazing snacks and meal replacements that were developed by the former head of the American Diabetes Association. Our weight loss centers sell delicious protein, appetite control crisps, smoothie and shake mixes, and more. Come browse the delicious selections at one of our Pasadena or Orange County medical weight loss clinics.

Change your snacking habits slowly—maybe incorporate one healthy snack at a time. This will help you maintain this behavior change for the long-term.

What’s great about working with a medical weight loss center is that you have access to quick weight loss programs such as lower body diet and medical diet pills under the guided supervision of an experienced doctor. Visit one of our Pasadena or Orange County medical weight loss clinics to get support and info about our medical weight loss programs and FDA approved weight loss pills.

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