FDA Approved Medical Weight Loss

Each week we’ll be pulling out one of your emails from our mail bag and featuring them here. Feel free to submit as many questions as you would like. All questions having to do with Nutrition, Weight Loss and Obesity-related health conditions are fair game.

“Dr. Kim,

I’m considering signing up for your weight loss programs at one of your Orange County medical weight loss centers, but I’d like to know, do medical diet pills really work or is it just a gimmick?”

- Lily, Newport Beach, California

Dear Lily:

Medical diet pills definitely do work. They control your appetite and hunger. But they can't help you lose weight without your cooperation. Appetite suppressants work best when you also make an effort. Everybody can lose weight because most of us know how to eat right. But it's tough to eat right, isn't it? We get so much satisfaction and gratification from foods. Unfortunately, most of those foods tend to be unhealthy. The diet pills give you a break from those urges. They help you make those important changes that help you lose weight. The added bonus is that, because these weight loss medications are also stimulants, they can give you that extra energy you need to make it through your day. For many people, it gives them the extra energy to get back into exercising.

Please consult with our weight loss doctors to tailor a program for you. In order for any program to be successful, it must suit the needs of the individual. Our weight loss medications are tailored to your needs. As with any weight loss program, it’s important to consult with our weight loss physicians and to be honest with the doctor about your daily eating and exercising habits so they can provide you with the best weight loss program that’s suitable for you. It’s also important to follow your doctor's medical advice and the weight loss program guidelines. And if you have any questions or concerns throughout the program, never hesitate to contact the doctor.

What’s great about working with a medical weight loss center is that not only do you have access to diet plans, weekend weight loss center, a FDA approved weight loss program, safe appetite suppressants and a medical weight loss clinic, you have a place to ask questions, get tips and discover creative weight management programs that allow you to get long-lasting results. It’s the best way to truly change your lifestyle and create a healthier you.

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