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Each week we’ll be pulling out one of your emails from our mail bag and featuring them here. Feel free to submit as many questions as you would like. All questions having to do with Nutrition, Weight Loss and Obesity-related health conditions are fair game.

“Dr. Kim,

One of my good friends told me about eating cabbage to lose weight. Have you heard anything about this?  There are so many different diets out there. How do you make sense of it all?

- Kristen F., Aliso Viejo, California

Dear Kristen:

You’re asking the million dollar question. In fact, you can probably call it the billion dollar question, because that’s how much Americans spend on weight loss each year. And that is why there are so many diets out there. Each new diet is a little different from the next and the more different it is, the more appeal it has as a potential weight loss diet. As such, there have been at least a few hundred different proposed diets over the past 20 years, and some of them have been doozies. Take, for instance, the Cabbage Soup Diet, which may be the diet that your friend was referring to. This diet had some popularity in the 1980’s. Dieters would eat cabbage soup daily with a smattering of other foods mixed in throughout the day.

Believe it or not, this diet really helped people lose weight. Here’s why: cabbage (and, therefore, cabbage soup) has very few calories. So if you are filling yourself up with cabbage soup throughout the day, you have very little room for anything else. People also developed what I call food flavor fatigue. Many studies have shown that if you subject someone to the same taste sensation over and over again, their appetite actually diminishes. Your palate and your appetite become fatigued. Needless to say, the Cabbage Soup Diet is a nutritional horror story. It helped people lose weight, but it really deprived people of many essential vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, most people not only regained their weight, but added on a few extra pounds.

The best diet to follow, oddly enough, is the one our program recommends. Our recommendations are not only based on what helps you lose weight, but what keeps you healthy. We focus on six servings of fruits and vegetables every day. We recommend reducing your overall meat intake. The less you eat the better. This is why we ask that you not eat meat past lunchtime. We also ask that you limit dairy intake as much possible. Dairy, and especially cheese, is high in saturated fat. For those of you who need the extra calcium, there are many food sources where you can find that element. Furthermore, many of the non-dairy drinks such as soy and almond milk, come fortified with calcium.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) just came out with their new dietary guidelines. These guidelines are published once every five years and are based on scientific research and large scale population data. Their recommendations are very similar to what we have been advocating for more than a decade. Now that the U.S. government has caught onto our diet, maybe the rest of America will do the same!

What’s great about working with a medical weight loss center is that not only do you have access to diet plans, a FDA approved weight loss program, safe appetite suppressants and a medical weight loss clinic, you have a place to ask questions, get tips (such as lower body weight loss) and discover  creative weight management programs that allow you to get long-lasting results.

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